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As you get older and your children leave, a big home can be a burden causing a lot of work and increased chances at becoming injured. Smaller spaces are easier to keep clean and clean spaces lead to improved health. No matter where you’re moving to, downsizing isn’t easy. Sorting through a lifetime of possessions can be emotionally and physically exhausting. But getting rid of clutter can also be rewarding. Ease the process by enlisting a professional to help sort trash from treasures. Just Declutter can assist you with preparing the home for the real estate market, downsizing the home, choosing what to take to the new home, sale, donation and disposal of unwanted items, packing and unpacking (and set-up) of the new home. We assist seniors and their families in all aspects of the move transition from their family home to a smaller residence. With patience, and compassion, Just Declutter will help make your move a smooth and easy one. We will help you downsize, design and set-up your new home, skillfully incorporating your favorite cherished personal items and furniture to create an atmosphere of comfort that is safe and familiar. We look after the details that become overwhelming and alleviate the stress associated with packing and moving.

Just Declutter provides the following services to help seniors ease the burden of downsizing from the family home to their new senior’s residence.

The Move Transition:

  • De-clutter and downsize
  • Sell, donate, recycle, and dispose of unwanted items
  • Select cherished items to be moved
  • Pack and Unpack

As we downsize the family home and prepare for the move, Just Declutter will also prepare the home for presentation to the market. A downsized, premium cleaned home will add value to your investment and ensure quicker sale of the home.

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