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Hands-on professional organizing help in your home!

We offer professional organizing services for just about any area of the home, big or small, and show busy Strathmore families how to maximize their time and space. During our hands-on organizing sessions we offer support, we put an emphasis on the reduction of paper and clutter entering the home, being able to find what you need so you can save money by buying less, reusing and re-purposing what you already own as part of the organizing process, recycling and donating your no longer needed items and help you discover that all you have is really enough! We’ll help you sort through and correctly store your personal belongings and teach you to maintain new systems even after we’re gone. We can even help beautify your home by perfectly placing accessories, giving your bookshelves a makeover, or suggesting new furniture arrangements.

Once you’re organized, you’ll have peace of mind, a positive self-image, feel less stressed, be more productive, have an easier time cleaning the house, save money, and discover more time for yourself. Doesn’t that sound nice?

We Love To Help:

  • kitchen/pantry
  • closet
  • kids’ room/toy room
  • bedroom
  • home office
  • family room
  • entryway/mud room/laundry room
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We Also Offer Guidance:

  • time management
  • bill/mail maintenance
  • paper filing systems
  • whole-house decluttering
  • desktop decluttering
  • daily paperwork management
  • green/eco-friendly organizing advice
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Declutter and Beautify:

Your home is lovely… it’s just buried under a lot of stuff! Make S.P.A.C.E. by using the tried and true method of Sorting household items, Purging by reducing and removing clutter, Assigning your belongings by creating “homes”, Containerizing, then Equalizing by discussing ongoing maintenance plans. We can even assist by setting up a garage sale or recommending local donation resources. By reducing clutter and maximizing your space, your home will finally feel “just right.” 

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