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Estate Sale or Relocation Auction | Just Declutter

Are you thinking about downsizing? Are you interested in having an estate sale? Is a relocation auction in your future?

Did you know that most auction companies do not offer preparation services for before the auction? To prepare for an auction the goods need to be sorted (keep, sell, give-away and trash) with the goods to be sold clearly separated, identifiable, and organized into rough lots, ideally your move happens first – taking the keep goods with you and the “trash” and “give-away” goods removed or set aside. This leaves only goods to be sold left in the home. Keep in mind that this can take months of preparation and organizing. The more time you give yourself before you even call an auction company the better your stress levels will be.  The auctioneers can then come in and form the lots for auction with what is left, high value items are sold on their own and modest value items are organized into groups of related or similar items. Lots should be complete sets, a manageable volume, and by rough estimate able to attract bids of $30 + if possible.

Preparation is not included in most auctions because it is primarily about sorting through the goods and deciding what to sell. Some sellers do the preparation themselves, most hire a professional organizer.  If financing is an issue, most auctioneers offer financing so they may be able to pay for your organizing needs which means no money out of pocket for you.

If you are looking to downsize, have an estate sale or auction sale call Just Declutter. Don’t have enough items or high end items for an auction? We can also assist you in garage sales. Again, please be gentle with yourself and know that this can take months in preparation time. We not only take pride and care about your personal belongings but we are also very compassionate about your feelings in the process of letting go. We give you the personal touch you deserve to be able to have that final goodbye with your assets and memories.

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